International Portfolio

The Megacity’s busy bees: Recycling in Mumbai, Goethe Institute, 2021 (translated into English)

How India Discovers its Sporting Talents, Goethe Institute, 2020 (translated into English)

Education is our Activism – Interview with Aditi Gupta, founder of Menstrupedia, Goethe Institute, 06.2018 (English)

The Harkat Studios in Mumbai – A Secure Space for Creative People, Goethe Institute, 08.2018 (translated into English)

How Mumbai’s fishing community Chimbai has retained the charm of a village, Goethe Institute, 06.2018 (translated into English)

Electronic sounds amongst a desert palace and its outskirts, Goethe Institute, 03.01.2018 (translated into English)

Football and India – Do They Go Together?, Goethe Institute, 05.2018 (translated into English)

Meet the chatbot that helps you donate blood, The Hindu, 24.11. 2017 (English)

Making films from nothing, The Hindu, 03.11.2017 (English)

Reporting from the Berlin Techno March ‚Fuck Parade‘, VICE, 20.10.2016 (translated into English)

Skinning Human Bodies in Dr. Death’s Taxidermy Lab, VICE, 11.03.2016 (translated into English)

Other languages:
Reporting from the Berlin Techno March ‚Fuck Parade‚, VICE, 19.11.2016 (translated into Chinese)